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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
The Love Affairs of an Old Maid

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2312 wrong drum
He… he denied her?
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When Yin Yuerong discovered his daughter rejecting Yi Yunmo, she nearly spewed out our blood in the fury.
The waiter: “…”
In close proximity, Yi Lingjun’s face was as dark because the underside of your pan. “Couldn’t she have lasted just a little much longer?”
Was he mad?
Near by, Yi Lingjun’s experience was as darkish since the underside of the pan. “Couldn’t she have survived a little bit longer?”
It had been above, it had been above! Miss out on Yi was surely on the verge of erupt in rage!
Si Yehan: “…”
She was blasé when his kid advised her he didn’t like Qin Xiyuan and thought he was merely youthful and unaware. She never estimated him to dislike Yi Yunmo too.
Everyone’s eye-brows were actually elevated.
Was he mad?
Si Yehan seemed to be amazed because of the girl’s invitation and changed quiet without giving an answer to.
The waiter was bewildered. “Eh, Miss Yi, you’re saying…”
Si Yehan actually refused her???
Si Yehan: “…”
Ye Wanwan wasn’t impatient though and looked after her icy facial area.
Every person: “…!!!”
What performed she mean through apart Director Si’s wine?
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They can suspect this woman’s ident.i.ty, but her up-to-date ident.i.ty was Yi Lingjun’s child and she wasn’t a benevolent individuality.
Ye Wanwan’s domineering color didn’t make it possible for any room for objection. “Replace it which has a comforting solution ginseng soup.”
Anyone: “…!!!”
“If he even seems upon the President’s child, just how large are his requirements?”
Absolutely everyone waited for Yi Yunmo to blow her fuse and humiliate Si Yehan, but Yi Yunmo didn’t look like mad within the tiniest concerning Si Yehan’s rejection. She merely nodded lightly in understanding before questioning, “You don’t thoughts me sitting right here, appropriate?”
“If he even appears to be on the President’s girl, how great are his principles?”
No defect or emotion could possibly be viewed through the duo’s facial looks, and also the originally outspoken crowd fell right into a odd silence.
The waiter: “…”
Ye Wanwan then raised her hand plus a close by waiter quickly sprinted more than and cautiously asked, “Miss Yi, exactly what is your obtain?”
Off-Hand Sketches, a Little Dashed with Humor
He never would’ve envisioned Yi Yunmo to get started on a discussion with Si Yehan…
“Is Director Si severe? He actually denied Yi Yunmo?”
No flaw or feelings could possibly be observed through the duo’s confronts, plus the originally outspoken audience dropped in to a unusual silence.
Ye Wanwan then elevated her fretting hand plus a surrounding waiter quickly sprinted more than and cautiously inquired, “Miss Yi, what the heck is your obtain?”
He… he rejected her?
Si Yehan actually turned down her???
“Only a G.o.ddess could receive his taste, proper?!”

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